Artist Statement

I combine my interest in the simple depiction of the beauty of nature in Japanese Art, particularly the time period before Japan had opened its borders to the world, with the patterns and symbolism of Japan, as seen throughout history on their own kimonos. I transform traditional space of the calm, green landscapes into flat, pattern covered forms. I bring the familiar landscape to a world where the sky is patterned peonies and the waters reflect daisies.

As I paint, I am focused on where I want the viewer’s eye to travel through the artwork. The path I choose creates a journey through a fantasy world of color and pattern. I enjoy playing with the depth of space during my process. I make decisions of creating flat and real space in my paintings and collages to create a fun confusion of images bumping into one another in their mystical space.

My collages happen in a more natural way. I start with an image that I want to work with and create a world around that image. Sometimes, the image chosen is a person or flower. Other times, the catalyst is a chosen color for the background. The collages always immerge from the first decision made. My collages turn out to be visual mazes of busy, filled spaces that amuse the eyes. Because of the web of images, the viewer is made to slow down and observe the playful details of this surreal world.

As in my paintings, my focus is how to get the eye to travel throughout my collages, the use of flat space against real space; and color – flat and/or patterned colors paired with real shadowing and depth. I want the audience to see my artwork as a fun little visual trip for the mind.