I have always been an artist.

My first memory of being an artist was when I was about eight or ten years old. It was my birthday and I had invited a lot of girls over for a slumber party. It was the usual – cake, games, and giggly girls. Then I opened the presents that they had brought. One of the gifts was a paint-by-number, which I was thrilled to get. Later that night, while the girls were dancing around, I sat in the corner not only painting but, continuing to paint late in the night until the painting was finished. This first memory explains a lot about me and many ways!

Since then I have never stopped being an artist.

I have had much experience and practice at universities and opportunities to study abroad. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (emphasis in painting) with a minor in printmaking. During my time at Western Michigan University, I studied in Florence, Italy with Syracuse University. From there, I studied at Herron School of Art – Indiana University (IUPUI) and graduated with a Bachelor of Art Education. And lastly, I received my Master of Education from Indiana Weslyan University.

While teaching art to many children at Eagle Creek Elementary School, I studied the history and art of the kimono in Japan via Eli Lilly Educator Grant. And I was immersed in the culture of China with thirty of educators through the C.L.A.S.S. organization.

I remember first being fixated on the patterns within the kimonos. I tried to copy these patterns exactly into the negative spaces between these tree branches that I had painted. From there I haven’t stopped studying and admiring the Asian culture.